Gahanna Ohio Cake Smash Photographer | Simple Woodland First Birthday for Baby Boy

April 20, 2020

This super sweet baby boy from Gahanna came here to the studio for his first birthday cake smash session! Like most little ones at this age, he was a little unsure and shy. The studio is a new place and I am a new face. So, naturally a bit of stranger danger kicks in. I typically take ten or fifteen minutes when families first arrive to talk with little ones, play, be silly, and give them time to get used to a new place. This also gives them time to see that mom and dad trust me which means they relax and start trusting me a bit too. After awhile he let me hold him. I took him over to the sets and let him explore his simple woodland birthday themed cake smash set. He was very curious about all the greenery and loved the balloons!

His mama loves natural light and was hoping for that feel throughout his portraits. Instead of using my studio lights, I opted to do his session next to the wall of six foot windows I have here. The windows are six feet tall and span across 24 feet. It lets in so much gorgeous natural light that is perfect for what his mama wanted. She also loved the idea of a simple woodland cake smash theme that felt a bit modern and not too heavy on greenery. A very modern, simplistic, bright approach. With a few ideas from Pinterest, we were able to find the perfect fit for what she was hoping for.

He was more than happy to hold onto the balloons, tug the strings, and give a few of those super cute baby belly laughs for his classic portraits. For his cake smash, he was a little unsure of the texture of the icing. But, once he had a taste of the icing, it was over! He had no problems at all smashing his cake after that. I hope you enjoy a few of my favorites from his simple woodland first birthday cake smash!



    baby boy simple all white cake smash session

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