Let’s Talk Cake: What Cake To Order For Your Cake Smash Session

June 15, 2021

I have learned A LOT about cakes over the past 6 years; especially what one year old’s will or will not tolerate as far as taste and texture. I chat with families over the phone during the planning process to make sure the right cake for your baby is ordered.

first birthday cake smash cakes for boy and girl


      The Economical/Practical Cake

  • I strongly recommend ordering from Kroger (the cake is no more than $20)
  • This part is SUPER Important: Ask to order a two layered, 8 inch round white cake with white WHIPPY ICING. DO NOT ask to order a smash cake. If you do, they will make a one layer 6 inch cake. It’s super small and looks like a pancake.
  • Why Whippy Icing: It is very light and not too sweet. For a baby who has never had cake/icing and for the purposes we are using this cake for, it is perfect! It also does not have a texture to it. Babies can be texture sensitive and so far the whippy icing I’ve had great success with!
  • The Cake Topper: I will provide a cake topper that matches the color and or theme of your cake smash.

The Decked Out Cake

  • This part is SUPER Important: Ask to order a two layered 8 inch round cake or three layered 6 inch round cake. DO NOT ask to order a “smash cake”. If you do, it is very possible it will be a one layer 6 inch cake. It’s super small and looks like a pancake when photographed. Your little one will NOT be eating that much of this cake let alone all of it. The size of the cake is purely for photographing purposes.
  • ICING: The best icing is soft icing. Make sure that if this cake has been in the fridge, that you take it out at least a few hours before your session.
  • ICING COLOR: Make sure to work with your baker on what colors you want. DO NOT order red or black icing or chocolate icing UNLESS it is fondant!
  • CAKE: Order white or yellow cake. Do not order anything else i.e. chocolate (looks like they’re eating you know what), pumpkin spice, strawberry (think zombies), etc.
  • The Color/Theme: Make sure to communicate well with your baker as far as what colors or theme you would like for the cake. Some bakers like having visual references such as images from Pinterest, etc.
  • WARNING! Wood Toothpicks/Dowels INSIDE the cake: Some bakeries use large wooden “toothpicks” on the INSIDE of the cakes in order to hold the layers together. PLEASE make sure to ask your bakery if they do happen to use these. I believe most don’t at this point in time. But, it’s always worth asking.
  • A Cold Cake Equals a Hard Cake: Make sure you remove the cake from the fridge at least a few hours before leaving to come to your session if it’s refrigerated.

Bakeries I Recommend Ordering From

babies celevrating their first birthday with themed cake smashes


Pinterest and social media make cake smashes look like every single baby is having the time of their lives and absolutely obliterating the cake. But, there is some prepping to do before the session to hopefully make it go the best it possibly can. Babies have never sat on a floor and ate huge pieces of sugary sweet food before. They’ve never sat on the floor to eat anything! They’re usually in a high chair. So, sitting on the floor to eat is a completely new and foreign concept for them. Usually when they are on the floor and put something in their mouths we immediately tell them NO and take whatever is in their hands/mouth away from them. They’re also used to small, fingertip sized food they can pick up and eat; not a huge cake. So, arriving at the session having never experienced something like this before….and now in a totally new environment can be completely overwhelming for them. These prep tips for home usually help them get used to the idea of what they will experience during their session.

I recommend doing the following the week before your cake smash:

  • Get Cake BEFORE the Cake Smash: This is for two reasons! First, we are testing for allergy issues. It’s unlikely your baby will have an allergy issue with the cake/icing. However, if they do have an allergy (dairy egg, gluten, food coloring, etc), it’s much better to find this out at home then here. Secondly, it’s to get baby used to the idea of sitting on the floor and eating something; specifically sweet icing and cake!
  • Get the Cupcakes: Order/purchase one or two cupcakes from whomever you are ordering the cake from. Make sure it is the type of cake and icing they will be using. Again, we’re also testing and making sure there are no allergy issues!
  • Let’s Test it Out: Clean off a place on your kitchen floor. Set baby down with the cupcake, and let them explore and mess with the cupcake.

Make sure to browse my website for ideas! I’d love to hear from you too if you have any questions, concerns, or have a recommendation on your favorite baker. I love expanding the list to help support other small businesses. Feel free to contact me!


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